ASU student’s served on a student panel with UAB medical students for the Baptist Health Exploring Program

ASU student’s (pictured left to right) Ariel Johnson, Olivia Walker, Ike Obakpolor, and Brianna Fairley served on a student panel with UAB medical students for the Baptist Health Exploring Program. This program consists of high school students from the Montgomery area who are interested in health care careers. Many of these high schoolers are from low economic areas and other under-represented populations targeted by ASU and APTA for inclusion in the physical therapy field.   A few days prior to this event, these students had been involved with other PT students from ASU to provide a health screening event at Baptist Hospital. The organizer of the Health Exploring Program was at the screening and very impressed with how the students had performed resulting in them being asked to participate in this panel. The students were asked many questions regarding what is PT, how do you prepare for Graduate school and much more. These students not only represented the university but the profession and generated more enthusiasm in future students pursuing this field of study.

“I have previously served on student panels, but this panel was special to me because I had the opportunity to share my experiences with a group of under-represented students. The panel was diverse and our various backgrounds enabled us to share our unique paths on pursing the medical field. I enjoyed sharing my journey as well as hearing my peers. Our diverse perspectives allowed these students to understand that no matter where you come from, YOU CAN DO IT! The main objective I wanted to get across was with grit, resilience, and confidence, you can accomplish anything, so don’t sell yourself short! Nothing is more priceless than being a resource to others, so I look forward to serving and helping individuals achieve their goals.”
– Olivia Walker, SPT

“This experience allowed me to connect with young motivated individuals in my community and give them the information I wish I had prior to apply to graduate school. A lot of the questions were geared towards the admissions process and the transition from high school to college to grad school. We all shared our stories and what sparked our interest in our respective fields. I enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge and serve as a role model for some of the students. After the event I was able to make connections with the students to mentor in other areas exceeding school aspirations.”
– Ariel Johnson, SPT