Gross Anatomy of the Lower Extremity for MSK Medicine and Rehabilitation

June 21-22, 2018


08:00 AM - 04:30 AM


University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) – Birmingham, AL


William S. Brooks, PhD – Birmingham, AL
Course director, DPT Gross Anatomy

Course Description:

Clinical anatomy remains a cornerstone in the training of healthcare providers. A thorough knowledge of gross anatomy is essential for the safe and effective practice of musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation.

Through a combination of didactic lectures and full cadaveric dissection, this course will provide healthcare providers with a complete review of the gross anatomy of the lower extremity. Each attendee will take an active role in cadaveric dissections.

14 Contact Hours


  1. Conduct a complete cadaveric dissection of the lower extremity.
  2. Describe the attachments and innervations of the muscles of the lower extremity.
  3. Describe the osteological and ligamentous structures forming the joints of the lower extremity.
  4. Trace the arterial supply and peripheral nervous innervation of the lower extremity.
  5. Integrate gross anatomy of the lower extremity into the clinical practice of musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation.

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