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2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

July 18, 2017

CMS has finally released their proposed 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule on Friday, July 14.  The Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) includes some positive news for physical therapists.  As ALAPTA shared with members at the Spring Conference in April, CMS has been contemplating reducing the payment for several of the CPT codes most commonly used by PTs. 

However...the proposed rule MAINTAINS the values and in a few cases INCREASES the value. 

This represents a win for the profession and its ability to serve patients.  No matter what setting you work in, you are affected by this rule!

It also reinforces the value of your membership in belonging to this Association.  This proposal reflects the fact that APTA and its partners have been working for several years to avert this cuts. You can find a fact sheet HERE.  
APTA will continue to advocate to CMS to maintain this proposal in its final rule due in November.

If you are a member - thank you! If you are not a member, please consider joining -  

Please share with your colleagues who are non-members, and urge them to become members TODAY.  This is an example of where your money goes.

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