Hands On Professional Courses on Breathwork and Movement

August 24, 2024 – August 25, 2024 all-day

JULY 27-28,2024. $360. 12 hours CEU

AUGUST 24-25,2024. $360. 12 hours CE

SEPTEMBER 28-29,2024. $360. 12 hours CEU

Instructors: Margaret J. Pittenger MSPT. 54 years experience
Andrew Brown, Certified Rolfing Practitioner
Mov Nat Trainer

To register OR order a book go to: Betweenbreathandpain.com


About the Book:


A NEW EDITION for professionals and the general public. $50


Creating Sensory Awareness with Gentle Movement for Healing

By Margaret J. Pittenger, MSPT, and Feldenkrais Method Practitioner

A book that describes the neurophysiology of breath, the neuroplasticity of changing the learning process with increased sensory awareness, and integrating breathwork with movement to improve metabolic efficiency.
WITHIN THE BOOK ARE 50 movement sequences completely written and paired with a QR code to show videos with narration of each movement pattern.

This book is directly related to your patient populations:

Releasing stress
Congestive Heart failure
Open heart surgery
Any neurological diagnosis
Any orthopedic trauma or surgery
And for your own workout schedule for the best metabolic health and efficiency