Volunteer Opportunities

Special Interest Group (SIG)

Early Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG)
  • The Early Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG) was created for PTs and PTAs who are within their first 5 years of practice.
  • The goal of this group is to increase engagement, membership, mentorship, and friendship of PTs and PTAs who are in a similar place in our careers.
  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month
Student Special Interest Group (SSIG)
  • The Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) was created for PT and PTA students to network and grow as young professionals

  • The goal of this group is the increase engagement, provide mentorship and friendship, and increase awareness about how great PT is

  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month



  • The chair of this committee serves as the liaison of APTA AL and APTA (National).

  • The bylaws committee must be familiar with the APTA AL chapter bylaws and when a change in bylaws is needed, the committee will present proposed Bylaw amendments to the chapter

  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month


  • The Chief Delegate serves as the chair of the Delegates committee
  • Delegates or members of this committee are elected at our annual conference
  • See bylaws for more information
  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month (*peak season 2-3 months prior to house of delegates; during peak season delegates may be required to commit to 2-3/week)


  • The purpose of the ethics committee is to uphold the ethical principles and standards of the association.
  • The ethics committee receives complaints from the public and membership on any unethical behavior within the association and consults with APTA National on the most appropriate action
  • Time commitment: 1 hour/month

  • The purpose of the committee is to create the annual conference for the membership of the state of Alabama for PT/PTA’s/Students.
  • The committee requests and reviews conference proposals
  • Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month


Federal Government Affairs
Government Affairs
  • The Governmental Affairs Committee is comprised of a committee chairperson, 7 district chairpersons that are dispersed throughout the state, a PAC liaison, and a lobbyist.
  • The committee’s mission is to support and propose legislation to advance the PT profession in Alabama that allows PTs to care for patients more efficiently and effectively.
  • The committee also carefully watches and opposes legislation that would encroach upon the practice of physical therapy.

  • The committee chair focuses on organizing the committee’s efforts, communicating with the lobbyist regularly, developing relationships with legislators, and passing information to the association.

  • The district chairs are responsible for communicating with the legislators and clinicians within their district, organizing local townhall meetings, and contributing to the overall mission of the committee.

  • Time Commitment: 1-2 hour/month (*peak season when Alabama legislature is in session)

  • The purpose of this committee is to not only maintain membership but to foster growth of membership in the state of Alabama.
  • This committee plans events, speaking engagements, creates grass roots initiatives, and/or simple networking outings with colleagues, clinics, and local schools.
  • Time commitment: 1 hour/month

  • The role of the Nominating Committee is to connect with the various district directors to collect the names of nominees for the upcoming election cycle for vacancies in the AL chapter council.
  • The committee oversees the process from start to finish including collecting forms, consent, and biographies and compiling this information to be presented to the voting membership.
  • The committee also collects recommendations for APTA Alabama annual awards.

  • Time commitment: 1 hour/month

Policy & Payment
  • The Policy & Payment committee works primarily within the state of Alabama to promote fair and equitable payment for physical therapy services.
  • Members of this committee may meet with legislatures and insurance executives to lobby for increased patient access and higher reimbursement for services.
  • The Policy & Payment committee also communicates to membership on any changes or updates in policies related to practice and payment.

  • Time commitment: 1-2 hour/month

Publicity & Communication
  • The PR/Communications committee works to promote Chapter events and news.
  • The committee maintains and run all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
  • The PR/communication committee also works closely with other Chapter committees such as Education, Centennial, and Membership, to stay informed about events that need to be publicized.

  • Time commitment: 2 hour/month

PTA Caucus
  • The PTA Caucus represents the physical therapy assistants’ interest, needs, and issues in APTA governance
  • The PTA Caucus includes the chief delegate, four delegates at large, an alternate delegate, and 52 PTA Caucus Representatives
  • PTA Caucus Representative
    • The PTA Caucus Representative for Alabama serves as a voice for Alabama PTA membership at a national level
    • The PTA Caucus Representative provides recommendations and input related to PTA issues to the PTA Caucus delegates, APTA House of Delegates, and APTA Board of Directors
    • Time commitment: 1 hour/month (*peak season 2-3 months prior to house of delegates)
  • PTA Caucus Alternative Representative
    • The PTA Caucus Alternate Representative supports and works jointly with the PTA Caucus Representative to communicate with PTA membership and the PTA Caucus
    • One of the primary roles is to share the voice of the APTA Alabama’s PTAs collectively to ensure they are heard at the chapter and national level.
    • The PTA Caucus Alternative Representative also work collaboratively with other state caucus representatives to support other states PTA representatives and agendas.
    • Time commitment: 1 hour/month (*peak season 2-3 months prior to house of delegates)