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Why Join APTA?

APTA is your voice on Capitol Hill, both in Congress and in the federal agencies whose rules and regulations—particularly those involving health care reform and insurance reimbursement—affect your practice.

Through its chapter and districts, APTA also works on state and local levels to ensure that legislators understand the practice of the physical therapy profession.


APTA is your publications, periodicals and information resource, featuring:
Practice management publications
Subscriptions to Physical Therapy, PT-Magazine of Physical Therapy & PT Bulletin.
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Many Other Benefits Including:

Career Advancement
Conferences and workshops
Specialist Certification
Job Link in PT Bulletin & ALAPTA Website
Self Assessment for Professional Development
Economic Benefits
Insurance Programs
Financial Services
Risk Management Resources
Take an active role in shaping the future of APTA and the profession
Join one of 18 specialty sections putting you in touch with others who share your professional interests
Legislative Updates that affect your profession in Alabama
Continuing Education at a discount
Representation/lobbyist at Alabama level
Representation/lobbyist at Federal levels