Get to Know ALAPTA Leadership – February 2020

Name: Doree Daniels
Position: PTA
Clinic Location: Nesin Physical Therapy – Madison
Instagram: @doreebeth

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I love my family and am thankful we are all a close, heartfelt bunch. I have recently begun to expand my self-wellness journey by eating a plant-based diet and spending quality time outdoors and I am feeling the energy gains! I am looking forward to our upcoming move to our forever home where I can incorporate my hobby/love of design and renovation.”

Why PT?

“My brother had open heart surgery in the early 80’s and I got to experience his journey with PT following the procedure. As his incision healed, I learned that the greatest relief he felt was when I would work on the muscle spasms and scar tissue restrictions that developed. I began my interest and intrigue with this profession when I was 9 years old. ”

Most memorable moment as a PT professional.

“In April 2019, I had the honor of traveling to Fuzhou China with Michelle Nesin, Janine Nesin and Karin Beck. We spent 3 weeks working and teaching PT staff, students and various medical professionals in two hospitals. Our focus was on Pelvic Health and Visceral Mobilization. These are my two areas of focus and growth in my profession and I am excited with our outcomes. Teaching in China was an amazing experience!”

Tell me what inspires you.

“I am personally inspired by my two adult children and my (almost) one-year old Grandson. Watching them continue to grow into themselves and their unique and individual personalities inspires me to continue my own self-growth journey as a new empty nester.”

Tell me what you do for fun.

“Aside from spending time outdoors, I like to craft and I also have a good green-thumb and love of houseplants. I have done so for almost 30 years, have a few that are older than my children and collectively too many to easily count.”

Tell me something only a few people know.

“I began my education to become a PT when it was a Bachelor level degree. Life took a turn and I spent the next 15 years raising my children as a single mom. When it was finally reasonable for me to finish schooling, becoming a PT required a DPT which was not a sensible obligation for my family and is why I chose to become a PTA. I began that journey in 2012 and it was the best professional decision I ever made.”

Advice to the profession.

“Your career is 100% what you make it. Surrounding yourself with experienced mentors and professionals who believe in the growth of Physical Therapy is paramount. Having a membership with APTA & the Alabama Chapter is the best way to stay plugged in and be a part of this success!”