Update on FLR codes and MIPS

January 16, 2019

We have been getting a lot of questions on these 2 topics to ring in the New Year- so I I wanted to provide a brief update on these two issues:

FLR: Medicare claims submitted on or after January 1, 2019 no longer require FLR codes- this includes all new and existing patients.  Please keep in mind if you are required to submit FLR codes for another payer they have the rest of 2019 to end the collection of the FLR data as the codes will be deleted from the system in 2020.
Medicare Advantage payers or commercial payers who required FLR?  You will need to check with them specifically. 
Please share information you get so we can provide it to all ALAPTA members!
MIPS: At this time APTA is continuing to update their website as CMS releases information on the program. The 2019 measure information was just released last week and APTA will get that posted shortly to the website.  We are still waiting for CMS to release details about opt-in including the how and when; again as soon as we have information we will share that with members.  Members who have detailed questions on the program can contact us at advocacy@apta.org or CMS at QPP@cms.hhs.gov or 866-288-8292.
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